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Discover Lotus Garnet

By on August 24

So you want to know more about Lotus Garnets? Yeah, we get it, they’re getting a lot of attention lately… Unearthed in the Mahenge region of north Tanzania, lotus garnet was only recently discovered in late 2015. Found in alluvial

Mozambique Ruby Gemstones

By on August 25

Parlé just received 50 recently acquired top quality Mozambique Rubies. They come from the latest Gemfields auction. Heated and unheated stones are available in all shapes including matched pairs. Have your favorite jeweler contact us if you have any special

Ruby jewelry sample for July

By on July 1

Like many of you, we love rubies in all shapes and sizes. In the recent years and month, the stones supply has been increasingly difficult to come by especially for bigger high quality stones. We still have to cope with

JCK 2015 Teaser

By on May 22

We have been very busy in the office getting the final touch to the JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show preparations. We received hundreds of new designs in the past few weeks. Here is a quick overview of some items that

New Sea Life items

By on January 31

Hi, just a quick post to share some new designs we just received in the sea life collection. We now have some great professional pictures. Let us know which one is your favorite. More new designs coming soon.

Australian Black Opal

By on November 25

Australian Black Opal rough is extremely rare and mining has greatly decreased in the last decade, so imagine our surprise when 45 ounces of full color rough landed on Frank’s desk this September. As a company we haven’t seen material

2015 Jewelers’ Choice Award Entries

By on November 25

In June I begin laying out gemstones to see which ones speak to me for the upcoming JCK Jewelers Choice Awards. Every new design begins whith the center stone and from the center we draw our inspiration. At Parlé we are obsessed with

Welcome to the Parlé Blog

By on November 22

Welcome to the new Parlé Blog! We decided this was the best way for us to share all the exciting things that happen at Parlé. So stay tuned for fun stories, new designs and different happenings. Meanwhile, Subscribe to our

The Weekend… Finally!

By on February 17

Jonathan and I have been working our butts off at school. This week we were required to correctly identify 20 stones, Jonathan has completed 100 and I have finished off 150, so we are way ahead of the curve. Next

Valentine’s Day in Bangkok and Pics From the Trip

By on February 14

  Happy Valentine’s Day! Jonathan surprised me today at break with this beautiful bouquet of roses, they are in a water pitcher next to our bed now (we don’t have a vase)! Our new mattress was delivered today and it