The Very Cultured Pearl

Well we have added another layer of Nacre to the Pearl story.

This week’s story included a very cultured Pearl, the largest Pearl, treatments, fashion, and the market for this beautiful organic gem.


First up- The world’s largest Pearl. Jonathan took us to where this beauty was found, HIDDEN UNDER A BED! Obviously very different from the Princess and the Pea to have one of these hiding somewhere under a mattress.

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Next stop- “Bloody Mary” dawns her beloved Pearl in a necklace worn in this painting.

This piece was given to her by her soon-to-be-husband Phillip II of Spain as a wedding gift.


This is a famous painting of her done by  Antonis Mor dawning her beloved jewel


At the time of her death it was returned to the Spanish crown and worn again by Margaret of Austria, Queen of Spain, married to Phillip III of Spain.

This famous painting of Margaret of Austria wearing the Pearl necklace was done by  Diego Velázquez


After generations in European royalty, who’s neck would later adorn this beautiful Pearl. Well none other than Elizabeth Taylor!

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