The Parle Promise


 Here at Parle we have spent many years perfecting the craft of jewelry design so we can bring beautiful stones to you, and let the harmony between metal and gem speak for itself. Parle means “to speak,” and it is our intention for every one of our handcrafted pieces to speak to you with its beauty and enjoyment, for a lifetime.

     Every gem starts as a stone from the depths of mother nature where elements combine over years to form a perfect structure. Once mined, the rough stones are brought to a stone cutter who carves every stone into the most spectacular colored gem. The stone cutter then finds a designer whose creativity and passion will provide a platform in which to cradle the gemstone with intent. Every gemstone that comes through our hands holds the ability to connect cultures, worlds apart all for the purpose of creating a final piece that isn’t only beautiful, but meaningful.

     Our dedication to this process ensures that high quality jewelry is sourced carefully, crafted meticulously, and designed thoughtfully so that every piece can transcend lifetimes. We hope that for every time a design of ours is placed around someone’s neck or garnishes someone’s hand that it leaves them speechless, so the jewelry can tell its story.

Call us today, to make your appointment for JCK LUX, and hear the story from the gems themselves.

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