A Mandarin in the Sun


       Likened to the color of the sky while the sun is grazing across the horizon on the plains of Africa, the Mandarin Garnet embodies the color range from a subtle bright orange-yellow, to an almost rust-like, dark orange color. Upon its rediscovery in the Serengeti of Tanzania, our Mandarin Garnet, also known by the species name, Spessartine Garnet, has become a designer favorite due to its striking orange color.

       Spessartine garnets carry Manganese- one of the rarest elements found naturally on Earth-  and is the defining factor in this stone’s striking orange color. The lack of pleochroism in this stone becomes a favorable asset for it, as it displays the same rush of color from every direction, and can hold many faceted shapes favorably. Mandarin garnet is naturally beautiful, and does not go through any treatments.

     Our Sharing The Rough Collection is a way for us to share with you elements of the Earth in all it’s beauty. Each gemstone personifies, not only the story of the rough that it came from, but the story of all aspects of mother nature that sculpted it into existence. The colors are vivid, the stones are rare, and every gem is responsible for weaving stories together.

     So, whether you prefer to catch the sunrise or the sunset- the ombré of red, orange, and yellow that cascades across the sky embody the color spectrum of this stunning gemstone. These colors can evoke a sense of jubilant warmth,  and symbolizes what is at the heart of nature- the sun.


Mint of the Merelani


     Nestled up in the foothills of Africa’s largest Mountain, Kilimanjaro, is the world’s most famous green Grossular mine. Merelani Hills, Tanzania, is home to some of the most rejuvenating green Garnets; green Garnets that can match up to the reputation of voluminous Emeralds and Tsavorites, reign from deep within a Tanzanite mine. All by accident the Mint Garnet was discovered and has been captivating gemstone enthusiasts and jewelry designers ever since. With only a limited supply from a small part of western Africa, Mint Garnet has not only enchanted everyone with its beauty, but also its rarity.

    This gem might draw you in due to the pastel green that differentiates it from its Tsavorite counterpart, but this gem has another secret. The cool bluish-green fluoresces into a pinkish-orange under UV light thanks to the rare and valued mineral chromium that is present in this family of garnets.

     Like the shadow that a lush mountain casts as the sun rises over it on a bright spring the morning, Mint Garnet’s color reflects that of calmness. The gentle green offers a renewing sensation, like that of a new day or the start of a new spring. If you close your eyes you can almost get the impression of a cool drop of mint water at the back of your throat or the feeling of morning dew on lush grass.

     We value how close to nature this piece feels and want to preserve the aspects of it’s beauty that strike you from its most raw form. The luster it gives off is preserved with meticulous stone cutting techniques. We offer both tumbled and faceted styles that both captivate the brilliance and uniqueness of each piece that is unearthed. Nothing this valuable is underappreciated by our designers, and we make sure to take care that every gemstone is given the platform it needs to share its story.

The Parle Promise


 Here at Parle we have spent many years perfecting the craft of jewelry design so we can bring beautiful stones to you, and let the harmony between metal and gem speak for itself. Parle means “to speak,” and it is our intention for every one of our handcrafted pieces to speak to you with its beauty and enjoyment, for a lifetime.

     Every gem starts as a stone from the depths of mother nature where elements combine over years to form a perfect structure. Once mined, the rough stones are brought to a stone cutter who carves every stone into the most spectacular colored gem. The stone cutter then finds a designer whose creativity and passion will provide a platform in which to cradle the gemstone with intent. Every gemstone that comes through our hands holds the ability to connect cultures, worlds apart all for the purpose of creating a final piece that isn’t only beautiful, but meaningful.

     Our dedication to this process ensures that high quality jewelry is sourced carefully, crafted meticulously, and designed thoughtfully so that every piece can transcend lifetimes. We hope that for every time a design of ours is placed around someone’s neck or garnishes someone’s hand that it leaves them speechless, so the jewelry can tell its story.

Call us today, to make your appointment for JCK LUX, and hear the story from the gems themselves.

Sharing The Rough


Our company is named Parle because we believe that each and every gem has a story to tell. The gemstones combine minerals, heat, water, and pressure to mold themselves into unique and intricate treasures. Each has their very own distinct properties that are displayed in their color, patterns, and sometimes shape. Although the beauty from the unearthed gem speaks for itself, there is another story that is equally remarkable and important. For every piece of finished jewelry that makes it to the floor of a retail location there are multiple hands involved in the unearthing, cutting, designing, and crafting process. This is the story we want to tell. 

To the miners that dive deep into the folds of the earth, or that sift through riverbeds in the hot sun, to the gem cutters who unveil the most precious colors and forms possible with every gem, to the jewelry designers who carry the vision for how to best accentuate the beloved features, to the people who package it all together, this is their story, too. A gemstone can transcend global and cultural boundaries, and create unlikely bonds between communities that are worlds apart. 

The power these gemstones hold to weave all of these remarkable stories is where we found the inspiration for this collection. We want to bring you something that encapsulates the passion and beauty of every part of the journey. So, we bring you, “Sharing The Rough” and hope you will become part of their story.




One of our Mint Garnets in the hands of the Director of the film, Orin Mazzoni III.


Polishing facets of a Tanzanian Rhodolite Garnet.

A Look Back at 2016

Another great year has come and gone, and we here at Parlé are gearing up to have yet another exciting year. With all the fast-paced changes we have been making and the busy nature of the industry in general, it seems like maybe a brief moment to pause and reflect is in order. So we propose to take a step back and check out some of your favorite designs from Parlé in 2016.

After some number crunching we have come up with a big list of some of your favorite pieces of jewelry from our vault!

Here are the most popular trio sets from our Color Celebration Collection! (Click the caption to see on our website)

[ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”5″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_pro_horizontal_filmstrip” image_crop=”0″ image_pan=”1″ show_playback_controls=”1″ show_captions=”1″ caption_class=”caption_above_stage” caption_height=”70″ aspect_ratio=”1.5″ width=”100″ width_unit=”%” transition=”fade” transition_speed=”1″ slideshow_speed=”5″ border_size=”0″ border_color=”#b5b5b5″ override_thumbnail_settings=”1″ thumbnail_width=”120″ thumbnail_height=”90″ thumbnail_crop=”1″ ngg_triggers_display=”always” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]


 If you are feeling like summer can’t come fast enough, many of you were also very fond of our Sea Life Collection of jewelry.

[ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”7″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_pro_horizontal_filmstrip” image_crop=”0″ image_pan=”1″ show_playback_controls=”1″ show_captions=”1″ caption_class=”caption_above_stage” caption_height=”70″ aspect_ratio=”1.5″ width=”100″ width_unit=”%” transition=”fade” transition_speed=”1″ slideshow_speed=”5″ border_size=”0″ border_color=”#afafaf” override_thumbnail_settings=”1″ thumbnail_width=”120″ thumbnail_height=”90″ thumbnail_crop=”1″ ngg_triggers_display=”always” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]


Click here to see the full list of best sellers!

Hopefully you have enjoyed taking a look back with us, and from everyone at Parlé, we want to thank our wonderful community of jewelry lovers who make what we do possible.

Best of luck in 2017!

Discover Lotus Garnet

So you want to know more about Lotus Garnets? Yeah, we get it, they’re getting a lot of attention lately…

Unearthed in the Mahenge region of north Tanzania, lotus garnet was only recently discovered in late 2015. Found in alluvial mines, the amount of rough is unknown and each production is small and has a variation in color with every pocket produced.

The unique pinkish orange to orangey pink color of lotus garnet (see below) makes it an exceptional substitute to padparascha sapphire, morganite and imperial topaz. Lotus garnet is a member of three garnet families, pyrope, spessartine and almandine and is usually found in conjunction with rhodolite garnet and spinel.

3 Lotus Garnet stones
Lotus Garnet gemstones color range sample

Lotus Garnet are best viewed in sunlight and have a slight red fluorescence which can give the appearance of color change.

3 Lotus Garnet gemstones
3 Lotus Garnet gemstones

This exciting new find is exclusively sold by Parlé Jewelry Designs and is available as loose gemstones or finished jewelry.

Mozambique Ruby Gemstones

Mozambique Ruby gemstones
Mozambique Ruby gemstones
New 50 Mozambique Rubies in our inventory

Parlé just received 50 recently acquired top quality Mozambique Rubies.
They come from the latest Gemfields auction.
Heated and unheated stones are available in all shapes including matched pairs.
Have your favorite jeweler contact us if you have any special jewelry project involving rubies.

You can see an overview of this batch here

JCK 2015 Teaser

We have been very busy in the office getting the final touch to the JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show preparations.
We received hundreds of new designs in the past few weeks.
Here is a quick overview of some items that just got their pictures taken today.
[nggallery id=2]
If you are a jeweler, we hope to see you in Vegas to show you all the great new styles we have.
Otherwise, you can ask your favorite jeweler in the coming weeks for new Parlé Colored Gemstone Jewelry.

We wish everyone a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!

Australian Black Opal

Australian Black Opal rough is extremely rare and mining has greatly decreased in the last decade, so imagine our surprise when 45 ounces of full color rough landed on Frank’s desk this September. As a company we haven’t seen material like it for 30 years and personally I have never seen anything like it! The story of how this opal rough made it all the way to Idaho is so fortuitous it deserves to be told, so here it goes!

It starts near Portland, OR earlier this year at an estate sale. At the end of an estate sale a crew comes in, cleans and donates all the remaining items. Customarily the crew is allowed to take items going to be donated or trashed if they have any interest. At this point we meet our hero, we will call him Tom, and Tom was cleaning out this estate sale and noticed an unassuming bag of rocks. He decided they looked interesting enough and loaded them into his truck and headed home. Later that night, sitting at his dining room table, Tom and his wife were assessing his discovery. They both noticed blue/green flashes of light and thought they had found something special, at this point they decided a trip to their local jewelry store was needed.

Still unaware of what he had discovered Tom loaded his bag of rocks into the Jewelers and sat down. The Jeweler informed him that he had a large bag of opal rough and from what he could tell black opal rough. Unfamiliar with rough opal pricing and not needing 45 ounces of opal the Jeweler then called us.

After a brief explanatory call from our Jeweler friend we received a call from Tom. Tom agreed to drive all the way from Portland to Pocatello in hopes of discovering what his find was worth. After all, with nothing invested into the bag of rocks Tom had nothing to lose. Frank and Jonathan sat with Tom for hours and poured over piece after piece, dipping them in water to bring the fire out of the unpolished stones. Beyond all expectations this black opal rough was a remarkable find and at the end of the day Tom was driving back to Seattle with a sizable check, he compared it to winning the lottery, and Parlé was left with 45 ounces of extremely rare Australian black opal rough.

A few months later, after several meetings with our cutters, Parlé is the proud owner of over 1200 cts of fine black opal. Frank believes this material to be at least 30 years old and the property of an old opal dealer native to the Oregon area that we lost touch with over 20 years ago. With a little luck Tom managed to save this natural treasure from a landfill, which is where it was headed if he hadn’t picked it up that day.

So I think I’ll be headed out to all the estate sales this weekend, never know what you will find!


2015 Jewelers’ Choice Award Entries

In June I begin laying out gemstones to see which ones speak to me for the upcoming JCK Jewelers Choice Awards. Every new design begins whith the center stone and from the center we draw our inspiration. At Parlé we are obsessed with motion, a piece of jewelry needs to have a flow and a relationship between the setting and gemstones. The final pieces were entered and the voting has begun. Check out our eight entries for the 2015 awards, let us know what you think and if you are a Jeweler don’t forget to vote!

You can vote at this address: http://www.jckonline.com/jck-jewelers-choice


Colored Stone Jewelry Over $10,000

Emerald Best Ring

Best Ring Design Over $10,000


Tanzanite Jewelry Under $10,000


Best Necklace Design $2,501-$10,000


Best Bridal Design Over $10,000


Best Ring Design Under $2,500

Sapphire Necklace

Best Necklace Design Over $10,000


Best Ring Design $2,501-$10,000