History, Death, Destruction, & Spinel

This week’s episode has been long anticipated. I mean, we had been teasing it for two weeks now…

So to go along with this riveting Pod are some visual representations of what the heck we are talking about!


That insane crystal structure of Spinel is evident here. Like two pyramids stacked on eachother.



Spinel color ranges- you can probably see why it might have been seen as quite the “impostor”



The black Prince’s Ruby is front and center on what must be the lighter version of the crown. Try nodding off during a coronation wearing this



A true queen! But really, between the hat and her neck dazzle she must really have a strong spine!



Cobalt Blue Spinel- drool worthy color



Some Spinel displays asterisim, but isn’t know as “Phenomenal Gem”

Photo courtesy of: https://www.jtv.com/library/gemopedia/star-spinel

Here is a sneak preview of the Parlé Spinel line coming to you 2019!

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