Holiday Buying Guide

  We’re back with a NEW Gem Junkies!!  Jonathan was out in Pennsylvania while Brecken trekked overseas to Hong Kong.  We thought we’d give you a look into the day-in-the-life of […]

The Tanzanite Diaries

Welcome to the Tanzanite Diaries Take a peek at all of the pictures from this week’s episode.     How Tanzanite usually looks coming out of the ground before it […]

Cleopatra- Girl Loved Her Emeralds

  Rough Emerald in an elongated 6 prism structure  Picture courtesy of https://www.minedirect.com/EnlargedPages/FacetCabbingRough/Emerald/Emerald-12.html Map of Emerald locations world-wide Picture courtesy of http://amazonpueblo.org/emeralds-for-amazon-stories-from-jungle/ Jose Elias Vallejo has been a barequero in the ravine […]

All Hail The King

Rubies- Every one knows them, but only the fierce don this power gemstone. Are you one of the few? Find our cover photo https://www.instagram.com/thirdcoastgems/   The Corundum Family How did […]