Opal Doublet Stone:
Freeform AAAA Grade Australian Opal Doublet (M-DBT-AAAAI)

Australian Opal Doublet

Opal Doublet

Origin: Australia

Phenomenon: Play-of-color

Species: Silicate

Hardness: 5.0 to 6.5 on Mohs Scale

Birthstone Month: October

Opal doublets are crafted by layering a thin sheet of opal onto a base of epoxy and ironstone. Ironstone serves as the matrix or host rock where opal is commonly found. In the construction of doublets, the combination of black epoxy and ironstone acts as a protective layer, preventing any light or colors from escaping through the opal. This technique allows the opal's full spectrum of colors and inherent beauty to be showcased on the surface, ready to be admired.

As assembled gemstones, opal doublets require special care to maintain their integrity. It is advised to avoid using ultrasonic cleaners and to refrain from soaking them in water or subjecting them to steam. Similar to pearls, opal doublets should be treated delicately, ensuring they are the last piece of jewelry put on in the morning and the first to be removed in the evening.

Opal holds the distinction of being the birthstone for the month of October. The opal's mesmerizing quality lies in its ability to exhibit an enchanting range of rainbow colors. It is believed to bring luck and hope to the wearer while also inspiring love and passion. Throughout history, opals have been associated with fostering creativity and stimulating imagination, making them an emblem of artistic expression.

To clean your opal jewelry, it is recommended to use a soft toothbrush and mild, soapy water. Gently brushing the surface will help maintain its luster and remove any accumulated debris, ensuring your opal jewelry remains radiant and beautiful.

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