About Parlé

Parlé Jewelry Designs originated as Idaho Opal and Gem Corp, founded in May 1973 mining Idaho Opal, fashioning it into gemstones and setting it into simple jewelry. Flash forward to the present and Parlé Jewelry Designs, our brand name incorporated in 1991, occupies a 17,000 square foot building with state of the art manufacturing facilities. We now source, design and manufacture fine color gemstone jewelry.

Stones that Speak!

Parlé means to speak, and that sentiment encompasses our whole product line. When we buy a gemstone or design a piece of jewelry it has to speak to us in terms Of beauty, rarity, and value. We strive to be a great source for all your color gemstone needs from price point to luxury and everything in between.

Our Story

Idaho Opal & Gem Corp. (IOGC) has come along way since May 1973, when it was started by a couple of students mining opal at the Lost Deer Hunt claim in Spencer, Idaho. In those days, Frank Farnsworth and his college friend were mining and cutting their own Idaho Opal, and selling the loose stones a few pieces at a time to local rock-hounds and jewelers.

The growth started when customers said they loved the loose stones, but would find it easier to sell the gems if they were mounted in jewelry. IOGC listened to those customers and began to sell Opal in very simple jewelry settings. As the business grew, IOGC began to seek out sources to meet the demand for quality Opal jewelry; first looking to Australia to purchase Opal rough, and later finding sources for cut Australian Opal and Opal rough from gem centers in Asia.

We have continued to grow to meet our customer's needs; now supplying high quality Parlé Jewelry Designs with Opal, Opal Doublets and Opal Inlay, and over 25 additional colored gemstones, IOGC has become a top supplier of Madagascar Ruby, Ceylon Sapphire as well as fancy color & Rainbow Sapphire, Brazilian Emerald and a selection of natural gemstones of many colors, shapes & sizes. As our selection has increased, so has our dedication to quality as reflected by membership in and participation with respected industry organizations. (See Affiliations)

IOGC has created international partnerships in order to meet sales volume and our customers' demands for low production costs. Our ability to benefit from the manufacturing expertise of our overseas partners has allowed our Idaho headquarters to focus on product development and design as well as customer support and repair. From the dream of a couple of college students to a major player in the American jewelry industry, Idaho Opal & Gem Corp. has come a long way.