Top: 14k yellow gold Montana Sapphire (Style RCC241MSXC)

Middle: (2) 14k yellow gold Montana Sapphire Chevron ring (Style RCC218MS2CI)

Bottom: 14k yellow gold Montana Sapphire ring (Style R80MS265CI)


Montana Sapphire

Origin: Montana, United States of America

Species: Corundum

Hardness: 9.0 on Mohs Scale

Birthstone Month: September

Sapphire in Montana was first unearthed by gold prospectors in 1865 and was mined in conjunction with gold during the Montana gold rush of the 1870's.

The discovery of gold and sapphire in Montana lead to its nickname "The Treasure State."

Found in alluvial deposits, most of the sapphire rough is rounded and water worn.

Typically pale, Montana Sapphire can be heat treated to vibrant shades that span the spectrum of the rainbow with the most common color being an intense blue green.

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