Lotus Garnet

14k Rose Gold Earrings with 3.79 tcw Oval Lotus Garnets, 3.89 tcw Cushion Lotus Garnets, and 6.95 tcw Purple Garnets accented with Diamonds (Style EGPPRD800695R)

14k Rose Gold Ring with a 10.78 ct Lotus Garnet accented with Diamonds (Style RLGMQ5501078R)

Lotus Garnet Example

Lotus Garnet

Origin: Africa

Phenomenon: Color Change

Species: Garnet

Hardness: 7 to 7.5 on Mohs Scale

Birthstone Month: January

Lotus Garnet, a recently discovered gemstone in late 2015, was unearthed from the Mahenge region of northern Tanzania. Its occurrence is primarily found in alluvial deposits, with the exact quantity of rough yet to be determined. As a result, production remains limited, yielding small quantities with each extraction.

The distinct beauty of Lotus Garnet arises from the unique combination and range of pink to orange colors present in the stone. This remarkable color palette is achieved through the presence of Pyrope, Almandine, and Spessartine Garnet compounds within the gem. To truly appreciate its enchanting hues, Lotus Garnet is best viewed under sunlight, where its vibrancy comes to life. Additionally, the gem exhibits a slight red fluorescence, which can create the illusion of color change, adding to its captivating allure.

Lotus Garnet is exclusively sold by Parlé and is available in loose and finished jewelry. Thus, providing customers with various options to appreciate and incorporate the beauty of Lotus Garnet into their collection.

The name "Lotus Garnet" draws a striking resemblance to the breathtaking appearance of the padparadscha sapphire. The name itself finds its roots in the ancient Sanskrit language, where "Padma" signifies "lotus flower," and "Raga" translates to "color." This association highlights the gem's captivating resemblance to the delicate and vibrant hues found in the lotus flower, further enhancing its allure and symbolic significance.

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