Ring: 18K Yellow Gold Ring with a 12.15 ct Boulder Opal accented with Tsavorite (Style RBOFF17335118EI)

Boulder Opal Stone

Boulder Opal

Origin: Australia

Phenomenon: Play-of-color

Species: Silicate

Hardness: 5.0 to 6.5 on Mohs Scale

Birthstone Month: October

Boulder opal, a distinctive type of opal, is primarily found within ironstone boulders in the region of Queensland, Australia. These opals possess a unique appearance, with iridescent colors embedded into the stone and interlaced with dark brown, black, and gray veins. This natural pattern running through the opal gives boulder opals their exceptional and individualized charm. To preserve the opal's inherent beauty, they are often cut into freeform shapes, allowing the natural pattern to shine through.

Opals have long been associated with various magical, healing, and spiritual properties across different cultures. They are believed to bring good luck, offering protection and the granting of wishes. Opals are also thought to possess the power to repel evil and dispel negative energies, creating a harmonious and positive environment. In Hindu mythology, opals are considered symbols of hope and purity, reflecting their significance as sources of inspiration and positivity.

Boulder opal, in particular, holds a deeply personal quality. Each piece showcases its own individual character, akin to the uniqueness found within people. This attribute adds to the allure and personal connection one can establish with boulder opals, making them all the more special and meaningful.

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