18K White Gold Earrings with 4.00 tcw Blue Zircons, 2.42 tcw Tanzanites, and 2.42 tcw Turquoise accented with Diamonds (Style E82AQ864QI)

14K White Gold Ring with a 5.96 ct Blue Zircon accented with Diamonds (Style RBZCU885596WI)

Blue Zircon example

Blue Zircon

Origin: Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia

Species: Zircon

Hardness: 6-7.5 on Mohs Scale

Birthstone Month: December

Zircon, an ancient gemstone, has been known and admired for centuries. However, it is often mistaken for cubic zirconia, which is a synthetic material. Unlike its synthetic counterpart, zircon is a natural gemstone that displays a wide range of colors. Among the various hues, blue zircon stands out as one of the most popular and sought-after variations.

Zircon has long been associated with possessing special properties and bringing prosperity to those who wear it. Throughout history, during the Middle Ages in particular, zircon was believed to have the power to induce sound sleep, ward off evil spirits, and promote wealth, honor, and wisdom. These qualities have contributed to the enduring allure and symbolic significance of zircon.

The name of the stone has sparked some debate among scholars. Many believe it derives from the Arabic word "zarkun," which translates to "cinnabar" or "vermilion." This connection may be due to the gemstone's vibrant and rich coloration. Alternatively, some scholars propose that the Persian word "zargun," meaning "gold colored," is the origin of the name. This association highlights zircon's captivating golden hues and its resemblance to the precious metal.

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