Montana Sapphire Collection

Montana Sapphire Collection

Sapphire in Montana was first unearthed by gold prospectors in 1865 and was mined in conjunction with gold during the Montana gold rush of the 1870's.

The discovery of gold and sapphire in Montana led to its nickname "The Treasure State."

Found in alluvial deposits, most sapphire rough is rounded and water worn.

Typically pale, Montana Sapphire can be heat treated to vibrant shades that span the spectrum of the rainbow with the most common color being an intense blue-green.

Parlé is proud to partner with Potentate, miners of the Rock Creek sapphire deposit, to offer a wide variety of beautiful Montana Sapphires. Potentate mines with care, paying attention that all waste water is recycled, only five acres of land is cleared at a time and before moving on that land is replanted and reclaimed. This ensures the natural beauty of this landscape remains intact. Montana Sapphire is a true American treasure to be enjoyed for generations to come.

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