Giving Back with Parlé + Gem Legacy

Gem Legacy Kitari school pictures

In honor of this year's Giving Tuesday and our commitment to Gem Legacy, Parlé is excited to announce a campaign to build much-needed housing for the teachers of the Kitarini school. Parlé will match donations up to $15,000 in the hopes of raising up to $30,000 for Gem Legacy.

The Kitarini school is a primary school located in Northern Tanzania near the Longido Ruby Mine. In the early years attendance at this primary school was around 100 children. However, with the increase in ruby mining as well as the very successful meal program sponsored by Gem Legacy, attendance has now swelled to over 800 children. The increase in students has also led to a greater demand for teachers.

Kitarini School kids waving

In the past few years, the Kitarini school has seen a high turnover in its teaching staff. The number one reason for this is inadequate housing available for the staff and their families. This leaves the children without teachers for extended periods of time while the search for staff continues. We all know that consistency is key in education, and leaving children without educators impacts this marginalized sector of youth in Tanzania.

The goal of Gem Legacy and Parlé is to build four homes for teachers and their families on the Kitarini School property. The total cost for this project is estimated at $17,000.

"With the help of our partners in the industry, we believe we can achieve this goal and add much-needed stability to the educational system at Kitarini. Any additional funds raised outside of the Housing project will go towards the Kitarini School Lunch Initiative. It is our greatest hope that we will rise together and support the future of these communities."
— Brecken Farnsworth, VP of Parlé.